Ecoist Bags

by Justin Thomas •

Ecoist BagsEcoist makes bags and totes by hand with recycled materials used to make candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels. This excess materials often ends up as waste in landfills. For each bag sold they plant a tree.


Each bag is unique, with patterns and colors that vary widely, taking each artist 2-5 days to produce.

Marisa Rey is the artist and designer behind Ecoist, she was inspired to start the company after traveling in Mexico. The bag sell for $25-$285.

Link: Ecoist

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  1. They’re Made Out of What…?

    Metaefficient beat me to the punch, but I want to take this opportunity to help spread the word on one of the coolest eco-fashion accessories I’ve seen in some time: the Ecoist handbag.

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